Mike P.'s TiddlyWiki Projects

Please feel free to explore the links below, and to download or modify as you wish.

Personal Books Database
TW v2.5.3 Kris's Book Database (Alpha)
Personal Cigar Database
TW v2.5.3 Personal Cigar Database (Beta)
Highlight Plugin
TW v2.5.3 Upgraded Table Highlighting script to a plugin (easier instalation)
Random Image w/ timer
TW v2.5.3 scripting experiment using batch files and local folders (idea replaced by QuoteOfTheDayPlugin)
New Layout
TW v2.5.3 This is my first layout project. I created it for convience & speed. Influenced by TiddlyTools & MPTW
TW v2.5.0 My Personal Test Wiki, scripts, Plugins, and ideas
Table Highlight Script
TW v2.5.0 Table Highlighting + Table alternating row color
Inline Javascript Task Manager
TW v2.5.0 An experiment to learn Javascript better, expanded use of TrashPlugin, multiple inline script examples, my first experience with Plugins
Missing Manual Javascript Examples
TW v2.5.0 Javascript Missing Manual Experiments
For Each Tiddler Task Manager
TW v2.4.3 An experiment to learn ForEachTiddler better, expanded use of newTiddler
Project Manager/ Daily Log
TW v2.4.3 Idea for a Daily notes system / outstanding project tracker (multiuser w/ TiddlyLock)
Contact Manager
TW v2.4.3 Idea for a Contact Manager (multiuser w/ TiddlyLock)



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Last Update: September 29, 2009